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"We want to use all the experience we have accumulated in recent years, as well as our deep knowledge of cultural actors in Ukraine to build a sustainable support".
Ivanna Bogdanova-Bertrand & Cornélia Marang-Schmidmayr



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About the foundation:


The "Peace for Art" Foundation is based in France and was created after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine to respond to the urgent need to help the artists there and to act to protect existing and future cultural heritage. Two priorities have been identified that will constitute the main mission of the Foundation: Protection and Creation. This will be organized around three main axes: 


  • support for Ukrainian artists outside of Ukraine who use their art to denounce the situation and report on the situation in their home country 

  • support for the artists who could not leave Ukraine or decided to stay there and go on creating and producing artworks despite the conflict

  • support for cultural partners in the implementation of projects aimed at protecting the Ukrainian artistic and cultural heritage.


"Peace for Art" is meant to contribute to the creation of a safe space. Even if war does not totally prevent artists from creating, they do need available and stable infrastructures to make their art visible and support their production. The foundation aspires to provide this stability, to support art and culture in the broadest sense, including education. The foundation will support any cultural project aimed at enhancing Ukrainian culture and contributing to this safe space, regardless of nationality, and thus strengthen European culture. 


About the founders:
Cornélia Marang-Schmidmayr and  Ivanna Bertrand have long been committed to supporting Ukrainian artistic life. In 2021, they founded the ArtEast Gallery Berlin-Kyiv which focuses on art from Ukraine and its neighboring countries. The war in Ukraine has changed the issues and priorities. With the creation of the Foundation, Cornelia Marang-Schmidmayr and Ivanna Bogdanova-Bertrand wish to make use of all the experience they have accumulated in recent years, as well as their in-depth knowledge of the cultural players in Ukraine. The goal of the Foundation is to bring together Western European institutions, private donors, art lovers interested in the preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage with artists & local stakeholders, and thus make concrete actions possible.
The foundation is registered as an endowment fund in France. Once a year, a report on the foundation’s accounts will be published in the French Official Journal by the auditor.
Executive boad:
Founding members
Cornélia Marang Schmidmayr : President
Ivanna Bogdanova-Bertrand: Vice-President
Frédéric Richard: Treasurer
Elsa Vinet: Administrative officer
Other members
Bruno Ponson, Art collector
Richard Rella, Art collector § Entrepreneur
Jean Gazançon, Art insurance professional
Pierre Thilloy, Composer
Carole Glauser Pidoux, Curator
Karine Lisbonne, Curator
Viktoria Piavka: Director
Clarisse Brossard: Project manager
Head office:
Frédéric Richard

278 avenue du Général Leclerc

Nancy 54000

Administrative Head quarter:
Cornélia Marang Schmidmayr
169 Boulevard du Montparnasse
75006 Paris