Financial support to the Museum Crisis Center

In May Peace for Art started funding the Museum Crisis Center and will do it on a regular basis.


The Museum Crisis Center is a grassroots initiative of the director of the "Territory of Terror" museum in Lviv, Olga Gonchar, which is implemented in partnership with community organizations Insha Osvita and the NGO "New Museum". The Museum Crisis Center has already been supported by the European Commission, the Kyiv Bienniale, the PinchukArtCentre and the German group MitOst.

The Museum Crisis Center is focused on financial, organizational and human support for small regional museums and their teams during the war crisis.

The Museum Crisis Center is an initiative that will still be relevant in the post-war period. Not only for the renewal of local museums, returning collections, renewing exhibits and inventory, but also as a tool of mutual assistance in various crisis situations.