From Ukraine to La Rochelle

Travel grant for two Ukrainian filmmakers

Maryna Nikolcheva (film director) and Oleksandra Kravchenko (film producer) have been selected with their feature documentary IRON MAN to participate in the workshop of the Ex Oriente film festival in La Rochelle (June 17-22). 

Peace for Art is happy to support them and their work with a travel grant to cover the costs of their travel from Ukraine to La Rochelle. 



After a successful film debut 12 years ago, Max, film director, has never returned to filmmaking. Trying to come out of the doldrums, he commences the project of repairing his 1986 year Volkswagen Golf, alone. In the teeny garage he meets all his life problems — the hated job of ads editor, complicated relationships with society, family and himself.
They say, if you are able to not make art — don’t. Film investigates this truthful cliché, wondering that perhaps not making art requires certain superpowers — like making something else work, even if it’s an ancient car.

June 21, 2022