Partnership with the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund

for the "People of the word" program

Peafe for Art and the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund (by MOCA NGO) announce the creation of 4 grants in the frame of the "People of the Word" program!

These four grants, funded by Peace for Art and organized by UEAF, will support four Ukrainian scholars in their research on art for the next three months. We are particularly pleased with the diversity of the selected projects (essays, publishing, research on the links between art and language...) and will follow their progress with great interest!


° Oleksandr Mihed, writer, culture specialist, curator

"As part of my fellowship I will work on a series of essays that focus on the consequences of the full-scale invasion, combining personal experience with a broader societal context."


° Oleksandr Savchuk, founder and editor-in-chief of the publishing house "Publisher Alexander Savchuk", co-founder of the literary residence "Word" in Kharkiv

"I plan to republish the legendary "Arka" magazine, which was published in Munich in 1947-1948 by the editorial office of Viktor Petrov, and then Yuri Shevelov (Shereha). We don't know much about it in Ukraine, but this book is the result of the interaction of the blossom of our creative intelligentsia, which emigrated to the West during the Second  World  War. In total, 9 issues have been published, now they will be gathered, with the translation of the famous Ukrainian literature and index. I also plan to create an English version of the site. We hope at least a little to fill the English-language Internet with the names of our artists and scientists."

° Nastya Kalita, journalist, until August 2022 editor-in-chief of the online art edition Support Your Art

"Thanks to the UEAF/PFA scholarship, I will continue to write about art, in particular about its connection with word, as well as translation practices. I plan to implement three texts on formation and development of performance and conceptualism in Ukraine. I will be able not only to continue my favorite journalistic work, started on the platform of modern Ukrainian art Support your Art, but also to approach closer to my own research, which will also relate to languages."


° Evgenyi Stasinevitch, literary critic, literature expert, lecturer 

"I have already started to work on the book of broader essays on Ukrainian literature of the 19th and 20th centuries. In it I will offer my own perspective on the central figures (among them the Ukrainian, the Tychyna, the Zerov) and on the dynamics of literary and cultural processes. The texts themselves will be separate and autonomous, but the trajectory they will eventually construct, I hope, will combine the essays into a coherent story. Stories of people, texts, ideas: it seems that at the intersection of these squares, one can draw a good intellectual fire. I would like to not delay - and get everything ready to print for spring. Efficiency is now important at various levels. This requires focused work."

August 25, 2022