"Keepers", by Olena Grozovska

support for the production of a documentary

Peace for Art supports the production of the documentary series "Keepers", directed by Olena Grozovska, together with the Dukat Foundation and Real Stories Production.


The project is a series of short, informative and culturally artistic documentaries, which tell the life stories of Ukrainian personalities, defenders and keepers of culture during the war. Each film is an introduction to the cultural, artistic and historical context of Ukraine, presented through the personal stories of artists, museum directors and employees who, at the beginning of the fighting, were the sole guardians of cultural monuments.

One of the films will tell the story of Maria Prymachenko's works, which were saved from fire by Igor, the watchman of the local history museum in the village of Ivankiv, in the Kyiv region.  Other films show the story of poet Serhiy Zhadan and his volunteer work in Kharkiv, or that of photographer Oleksandr Glyadyelov, winner of the Shevchenko Prize, who now photographs the hot spots of Ukraine, documenting the horrors and destruction of war and considering documentary photography "the last trench of truth".


[Update] December 18, 2022: Filmmaker Olena Grozovska was awarded with the bronze Best First Time Female Director at the Independent Shorts Awards.

July 1, 2022