Alexander Glyadyelov received his new camera in Kyiv

We are happy to share the great news of the day: Alexander Glyadyelov received his new analog camera today in Kyiv! The camera was partially funded by Peace for Art, and the purchase and delivery was organized by amazing partners in Paris and in Kyiv.


Alexander Glyadyelov is an internationally renowned and award-winning Ukrainian photographer and a figure in social documentary photography. Since February 24, he has been documenting the war in his country on the front lines. His work is crucial to show the world what is happening there, because words are sometimes hard to believe, he says. His previous camera was broken in Irpin during an attack, as he was risking his life to testify about the situation in this small town in Kyiv Oblast. 


In a few days, Alexander Glyadyelov will travel to eastern Ukraine with his new camera to resume his work: witness the situation and make it visible to us all. 

May 17, 2022